Nancy Bower Hill Elementary Rec Night

Yah, It's me as a brunette.

Mystery Women goes Brown



The kids had a ball Hooping at Fitness Fun Night in Peters Towship at Bower Hill Elementary. Next week I will send a video of Luke, wired and unplugged. He’s a definite up and coming Hoop fanatic.

What are you doing to get Happy, Healthy and Fit in 2011? Here are some ideas..

Skinny Jeans Exercise Tips
1. Choose and Exercise Routine you Enjoy!

2. Schedule Exercise into your Calender

3. Add Cardio 3-5 x per week (this can be brisk walking)

4. Do Resistance Training (it will stoke up your metabolism)

5. Increase the Intensity of your Exercise (if logical or possible)

6. Make Therapeutic exercises a part of your regular routine, if you have an injury.

7. Get up, Get up, Get up out of the office chair, couch, ect…

8. Stretch, Stretch, Stretch

Skinny Jeans Weight Loss Tips
1. Eat Smaller Portions (cut them in half if not already measuring)

2. Eat Whole Foods (do not contain added ingredients, such as sugar, salt, vitamins or fat)

3. Avoid “Fake” and Processed Foods

3. Limit Sugar

4. Limit Carbs to Fruits and Vegetables (cut out or reduce grains, potatoes & breads)

5. Eat healthy Fats (lean meats, olive, canola & coconut oils)

6. Add Fiber to your Diet

7. Plan your Meals and Shopping List

8. Don’t let yourself get too Hungry (Eat small meals all day)

Make changes a little bit at a time and be healthy about it.  How do you stay in “skinny jeans”?  Share your ideas here.


Plan more Snacks to Lose Weight

by nancy on 02/22/2011

Healthy eating and an Active fun lifestyle is key!

Hope your had a great weekend! Did some very fast skiing at Seven Springs Saturday night and had a great time dancing to Switch in the Bavarian lounge. Hope you have been trying some of my recipes and tips.

Healthy eating starts with good planning and eating more whole foods. I encourage you to make a careful grocery list. Start with a list of meals for the week. Include a list of healthy snacks. Check snacks for fiber content. Fiber helps you lose weight. Ideas are
fresh fruits (you like), carrots, cucumbers, deluxe nuts, whole grain breads and cereals. When you are on the run Fiber One bars, Cliff protein bars, low-fat yogurt and/or greek yogurt, and small bags of almonds or grapes work well.

If you need some coaxing to eat your veggies, try low-fat ranch dressing, or couple celery sticks with natural peanut butter (a serving is about the size of a golf ball). If you must eat chips, avoid those with dyes, preservatives or additives. Most tortilla chips are whole grain and contain only 3-5 ingredients. Serve the chips in a small cereal-sized bowl with fresh salsa,than put the bag away. Portion sizes are the key.

Remember to keep your metabolism stoked with 3 small meals and 2-3 snacks every day. Keeping healthy snacks available at home and at work are key to seeing a difference in your waistline. 

Pick up my free healthy eating guide with 3 meals and lots of great snacks by signing up for bi-weekly tips at Skinny Jeans Forever.


Farewell to Annika Pgh Airport

Reunited with Mom in Germany

Back in Daddy's Arms

Annika's folks at Frankfort Airport

Annika reunited with brother Lars

Lars was just back from a ski trip

Proud host Dad at Annika's basketball game

O.k. guys it’s time to get inspired. I’m offering some quick tips to re-inspire you to a better body, from Brooklyn Decker (Sports Illustrated swim suit model and recent co-star to Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston in “Just Go With It”).

Before I share her inspiring get fit, feel good tips….an update…the house is quiet since Annika returned to Germany. See farewell photos here. I still had to make food and work concession stand for her basketball team. Spencer (16) is relishing his role as only child and Calvin, our college freshman is gracing us with weekend visits where he manages to spend every moment at other people’s homes. It’s eerily quite around here.

Movie Picks: Saw “The King’s Speech” and “The Social Network” over the weekend. Run don’t walk to see the King, it was funny, refreshing, thought provoking. It’s a film that draws you in and puts you in the shoes of royalty. Turns out being in the royal family, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. You will love the suttle humor and bantering between the co-stars. On the other hand, The Social Network is long and boring with very little plot twists. Kept waiting for it to get better.

No-Diet Secrets to being Happy, Healthy and Fit

1. Be Selfish and Make time to Exercise 3-4 times a week

It’s therapy, you will gain clarity and feel great. Do anything physical, according to my husband sex counts.

2. Start Strength Training

Having more muscles burns calories and makes you leaner.

3. Get good Gear

Girls, invest in some leggings that really fit. Guys get pants or shoes thatare comfortable.

4. Everything in Moderation (NO Binging, juice fasts or dieting)

5. Focus on the Good Stuff (talk about what you should eat, rather than what you shouldn’t)

6. Eat Almonds, Macadamia nuts or Cashews for energy (not processed foods that will
last forever…yikes!)

7. Treat yourself (If you eat healthy and don’t drink much, it’s o.k. to have a vice like coffee daily or candy, on occasion.

8. Don’t lose touch with your Family (Make time to talk to siblings, whenever and wherever you can. Family is what really matters).

Not sure where to start? Call me for a free consultation or peruse my website now.


80's Madonna

Nancy & Annika New Year’s Eve

Men sing Karioke

Belting "Respect" by Aretha Franklin

Tara and Tim's Rockin NYE Party

Hope you had a great New Year’s. We had a great time with parties and a delicious New Year’s Day meal of stuffed pork tenderloin, parslied potatoes and ceaser salad. I gave away the holiday cookies and am ready to throw out the chocolate….or am I… : )

Now that the Christmas decorations are headed to the attic, it’s time to start eating better and get back into a regular fitness routine.

Here are a few tips to get you back on track:

  1. Throw out all Junk Food and Sweets and stock your cubbards with natural, healthy foods
  2. Resolve to Exercise 7 days a week (Schedule it in your calender and shoot for 5 bouts of 30-60 minutes of pilates/strength training/cardio
  3. Make sure you get outside and walk/run/elyptical on most days (Vitamin D is a bonus)
  4. Eat 6 small meals per day
  5. Limit portion sizes (try a smaller plate and wait 20 minutes before taking seconds)
  6. Eat more Fiber (24 grams/day)
  7. Cut out white flour (eat refined whole-grains)
  8. Get an Accountability partner you can trust

I want 2010 to be your year to achieve better health, less pain and more confidence. If you want to get started with a new program of fun exercise and healthier eating, keep tuning into my tips.


Best Tips for Enjoying 2010

by nancy on 12/31/2010

Can't wait to eat turkey! Yum!

Oh, Christmas Tree!


Santa has arrived, hope he didn't get charred!

Cooking Christmas dinner!

Opening Steeler Bling at Mom's!

As 2010 comes to an end and 2011 is about to start many of us are filled with hope. I am excited about all the New Year holds. I can’t wait to get together and share my new classes, music and lots of laughs.

I want 2010 to be your year to achieve better health, less pain and more confidence.

Some of you may be contemplating a new plan to rid yourself of holiday weight and over-indulgence. After days of eating Christmas cookies and old coffee cake for breakfast.. and chocolate for “in-between-meal” snacks, some of you are probably ready to dump any remaining treats and start anew.

If you’re like me, you may have decided to clean your closests to make room for your new Christmas duds. In the process you probably pulled on a few pair of pants that didn’t slide on the way you liked. If so you may be ready to turn over a new leaf of clean eating and regular exercise.

This is your year to shine! If you’ve been attending my classes or training, thanks for your business and friendship. If you want to get started with a new program of fun exercise and healthier eating, keep tuning into my tips. Exercise begins with getting 30 minutes of exercise on most days and finding a physical activity you enjoy. Better eating can be as simple as eating less starchy foods, cooking low fat and smaller servings.

I would be honored to share your journey and keep you moving and smiling along the way. There is something for everyone.

Pilates classes start January 3 – 6 at the Peters CRC

Golfers and Men may enjoy my “Back in the Groove” Beginner Pilates at Dance Ect near Donaldson’s Crossroads on Tuesday nights at 7 pm. Don’t miss this 4 week class. Go here now.

Boomer classes kick off Monday, January 3 (1st class is Free!) Please RSVP so I know your coming, Sign up for this refreshing Boot Camp by Dec 31st at mid-night and you will save $40 on a 3 day a week, kick-but program that’s tailored to fit your body without wear and tear on joints. Go here now.

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