Guys Easy Tricks for Dropping Weight Fast!

by nancy on 11/08/2010

Spencer shows off his eyes in Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights CM Highschool Cast

My Spencer stands guard

Learn how to win at his game? Drop pounds like a Guy? It’s enough to drive woman crazy! Guys will announce their done with their gut and it’s gone in no time – a month later they are looking fit and trim while woman struggle. What is it about a man’s method that works? Steal their strategies and get firm in a flash.

Ditch the Diet Menu Attitude

A guy sees pizza and thinks, yum that’s what I’m having for dinner. We think uh oh pizza, that’s not diet food, or pizza will make me feel better, and we overeat. One study found that woman binge eat more than men. When emotions not hunger drive your decisions you’re in for a diet disaster. Remember food is fuel. Think of it as fuel and you will be fine. Only take bites of food that’s offered when you’re hungry or need an energy boost, not because you’re bored. Think about what these choices will do for your health and let yourself relax and refuel without stressing. Let go of the guilt. It’s just a slice of pizza, not a death sentence to healthy eating.

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