Drop Pounds like a Guy Tip #2

by nancy on 11/10/2010

Keep your Friends close and your Enemies closer

Dynamic Duo!

Meghan Lacey threw the best Halloween party for PTNC

Coral with her Mad Man

Barbara is Mac with her Cheese (real food!)

Hermine and Harry look hot!

Tara the Queen with her Mad Hatter!


Ever here the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”? Note the picture of my husband, Batman chumming up with his arch enemy, the Joker! Men eat “real food” woman often think of as our enemy.

Drop Pounds like a Guy TIP #2:

EAT REAL FOOD. Guys don’t usually munch on 100 calorie snack packs or foods labeled diet or low cal. That is good because you get more nutrients and avoid saturated fat by eating whole foods. In fact real food is more satisfying to our psyches. Are you hungry? Reach for satisfying snacks like real cheese sticks, turkey, nuts, fruits and vegetables.  More tips at Self Magazine or for pilates classes, training or videos go to Skinny Jeans Forever now.

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