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by nancy on 11/14/2010


Zombie Lake!

Calvin in Make Up - mid Zombie

Bottle found in abandoned barn during filming

Calvin goes full Zombie....Yuk!

Spencer Zombie finds empty brandy bottle









Why are you starving at 3:OO P.M. ? 

 Ever wonder why you can eat light until 3 in the afternoon than it’s a train wreck from there? The answer from SELF Magazine, may surprise you, as it did me. This was so smart it’s seems obvious. 

You need to eat more food during the day!

Many of us wake up with regrets from yesterday’s binge, so we try to avoid calories by eating less for breakfast and lunch. Eating less leads to extreme cravings later on. If you don’t want to find yourself staring down at an empty bag of bakery crumbs, you need to eat breakfast and lunch. Include protein and whole grains at both of these meals. Plan a healthy afternoon snack of yogurt and fruit or cheese cubes and whole grain crackers. 

Ever think that you might not be hungry for the first 2 hours in the morning because you ate too much the night before. Close the kitchen 2 hours earlier and leave fruit on the island and veggies at eye level in your fridge. Keep healthy nuts and microwave popcorn in the cupboards for late night emergencies.  For more inspiration on fitness and diet visit Skinny Jeans Forever and subscribe to receive my healthy eating guide. 

What are your favorite insider tips to eating smart?  Comment here. 

Spencer & friend Andrew Halloween

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