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by nancy on 12/20/2010

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The holiday season means get-togethers with family, friends and of course lots of great food.  Do you have a plan to maintain your weight and stay fit over Thanksgiving and Christmas?  If not, read on.  I want you to address 3 areas to avoid holiday pitfalls:  Exercise, Smart Eating Strategies and Reducing Stress.

1.  Exercise:  Keep going with your fitness routine, or begin a program.  Strive to exercise at least 3 times per week.  Include core work, strength training and cardio, if your joints allow you to do so.   Even walking and getting out in the fresh air burns calories and reduces stress (Item #3).

2.  Smart Eating Strategies:

  • Eat a healthy meal, including protein, before attending a party or gathering where food will be a temptation. 
  • Drink a Full Glass of Water before the party and drink one glass of water between each alcoholic drink, if you choose to drink. 
  • Choose Low Calorie Drinks.  Some good choices are 4 ounces of red or dry white wine, 12 ounces of light beer, 4 ounces of champagne, or 3 ounces of mixer with tomato juice.
  • Bring Healthy Appetizers/Sides if you are asked to bring a dish.  Be a good influence.  Others will be glad to enjoy guilt free food.  A few ideas are shrimp, fresh fruit or veggies with light dip, fresh whole grain sour dough bread, nuts, or yogurt dishes.


3.  Reduce Stress:  Did you know that stress increases abdominal fat.  What to do?

  • Schedule quiet time to pray, meditate or listen to your favorite music.


  • Go on a weekly date with your spouse or significant other.  Don’t talk about work.  Instead, discuss things that are fun for both of you like dreams for your future and kids.


  •  Take a relaxing hot bath. Make sure your phones are out of reach and let others know you will not be available.  Candles, wine a good book, or a special friend are all good ideas!


  • Start planning early for holiday giving.  Make a list of to do’s and use the K.I.S.S.  method for gift giving.  Buying the same gift for several on your list saves time and indecision.  


With a little planning You Can get through the holidays without weight gain.  If you need some help starting a healthy fitness routine contact me at Skinny Jeans Forever

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