New Year’s Party – Dress like your Favorite Rocker

by nancy on 01/02/2011

80's Madonna

Nancy & Annika New Year’s Eve

Men sing Karioke

Belting "Respect" by Aretha Franklin

Tara and Tim's Rockin NYE Party

Hope you had a great New Year’s. We had a great time with parties and a delicious New Year’s Day meal of stuffed pork tenderloin, parslied potatoes and ceaser salad. I gave away the holiday cookies and am ready to throw out the chocolate….or am I… : )

Now that the Christmas decorations are headed to the attic, it’s time to start eating better and get back into a regular fitness routine.

Here are a few tips to get you back on track:

  1. Throw out all Junk Food and Sweets and stock your cubbards with natural, healthy foods
  2. Resolve to Exercise 7 days a week (Schedule it in your calender and shoot for 5 bouts of 30-60 minutes of pilates/strength training/cardio
  3. Make sure you get outside and walk/run/elyptical on most days (Vitamin D is a bonus)
  4. Eat 6 small meals per day
  5. Limit portion sizes (try a smaller plate and wait 20 minutes before taking seconds)
  6. Eat more Fiber (24 grams/day)
  7. Cut out white flour (eat refined whole-grains)
  8. Get an Accountability partner you can trust

I want 2010 to be your year to achieve better health, less pain and more confidence. If you want to get started with a new program of fun exercise and healthier eating, keep tuning into my tips.

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