Plan more Snacks to Lose Weight

by nancy on 02/22/2011

Healthy eating and an Active fun lifestyle is key!

Hope your had a great weekend! Did some very fast skiing at Seven Springs Saturday night and had a great time dancing to Switch in the Bavarian lounge. Hope you have been trying some of my recipes and tips.

Healthy eating starts with good planning and eating more whole foods. I encourage you to make a careful grocery list. Start with a list of meals for the week. Include a list of healthy snacks. Check snacks for fiber content. Fiber helps you lose weight. Ideas are
fresh fruits (you like), carrots, cucumbers, deluxe nuts, whole grain breads and cereals. When you are on the run Fiber One bars, Cliff protein bars, low-fat yogurt and/or greek yogurt, and small bags of almonds or grapes work well.

If you need some coaxing to eat your veggies, try low-fat ranch dressing, or couple celery sticks with natural peanut butter (a serving is about the size of a golf ball). If you must eat chips, avoid those with dyes, preservatives or additives. Most tortilla chips are whole grain and contain only 3-5 ingredients. Serve the chips in a small cereal-sized bowl with fresh salsa,than put the bag away. Portion sizes are the key.

Remember to keep your metabolism stoked with 3 small meals and 2-3 snacks every day. Keeping healthy snacks available at home and at work are key to seeing a difference in your waistline. 

Pick up my free healthy eating guide with 3 meals and lots of great snacks by signing up for bi-weekly tips at Skinny Jeans Forever.

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