Easy Fat Burning Tips+Pilates Starts March 7-10

by nancy on 03/02/2011

Nancy Bower Hill Elementary Rec Night

Yah, It's me as a brunette.

Mystery Women goes Brown



The kids had a ball Hooping at Fitness Fun Night in Peters Towship at Bower Hill Elementary. Next week I will send a video of Luke, wired and unplugged. He’s a definite up and coming Hoop fanatic.

What are you doing to get Happy, Healthy and Fit in 2011? Here are some ideas..

Skinny Jeans Exercise Tips
1. Choose and Exercise Routine you Enjoy!

2. Schedule Exercise into your Calender

3. Add Cardio 3-5 x per week (this can be brisk walking)

4. Do Resistance Training (it will stoke up your metabolism)

5. Increase the Intensity of your Exercise (if logical or possible)

6. Make Therapeutic exercises a part of your regular routine, if you have an injury.

7. Get up, Get up, Get up out of the office chair, couch, ect…

8. Stretch, Stretch, Stretch

Skinny Jeans Weight Loss Tips
1. Eat Smaller Portions (cut them in half if not already measuring)

2. Eat Whole Foods (do not contain added ingredients, such as sugar, salt, vitamins or fat)

3. Avoid “Fake” and Processed Foods

3. Limit Sugar

4. Limit Carbs to Fruits and Vegetables (cut out or reduce grains, potatoes & breads)

5. Eat healthy Fats (lean meats, olive, canola & coconut oils)

6. Add Fiber to your Diet

7. Plan your Meals and Shopping List

8. Don’t let yourself get too Hungry (Eat small meals all day)

Make changes a little bit at a time and be healthy about it.  How do you stay in “skinny jeans”?  Share your ideas here.

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