Secrets to Better Golf
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This book will help you to play golf at your highest level. These simple to follow exercises will help you hit the ball farther and, improve accuracy. Follow these 20 easy to follow exercises and you will reduce pain and feel great after 18 holes.

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Host of the TV show Skinny Jeans Forever and owner of Scoop on Pilates, L.L.C.

Nancy is one of Western Pennsylvania's most sought after trainers and fitness for golf consultants. A certified trainer, fitness consultant and pilates instructor for over a decade. She is the host of her own fitness show, the creator of Skinny Jeans Forever dvds, and writes for many publications.

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Client Testimonial

"Since training with her, I have seen increased yardage, more consistency in the ball flight and I just feel better about my physicial condition." - Mark Giaquinto