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North Strabane studio
North Strabane Studio (See Kettlelates in action)


Are you struggling to stay in your Skinny Jeans without painful wear and tear on your joints?

  • Pilates will make getting into your favorite clothes a breeze!
  • Feel younger, stronger and more graceful.
  • Improve your posture, trim your middle and reduce joint pain.

Get back into your perfect fitting jeans FOR GOOD without punishing your body.

  • Lose your tummy
  • Sculpt leaner hips and thighs
  • Melt away joint pain and stiffness

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"I've have had so many compliments on my physique the past couple of weeks. and I owe it all to you and Pilates! I have been raving about your class since I started taking it. My sister is going to buy your DVD, she would take the class but she lives a little too far away. My other girlfriend was shocked at how much I've lost around my waist. She is also thinking about taking your class. When I first started taking Pilates with you I was somewhat skeptical of the "Skinny Jeans Forever" slogan you used, but I am proof positive that it truly does allow you to wear "Skinny Jeans Forever" and I feel so amazing. Thank you Nancy!" Linda Stipetich.

If you've been discouraged by classes that are too hard on your joints and make you feel inadequate, this class is for you. Nancy lives her philosophy.


Pilates is for "everybody"

AM & PM Pilates Mat combined with Free Weights and Kettlebell moves

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Client Testimonial

Nancy is an inspiration to all people who work with her! She really WILL get you into your skinny jeans" - Penny Hoff